AIRLINE TRAVEL- We can get a puppy to most major US airports for $300. The price
does include a crate. We live almost 5 hrs from the St. Louis airport so use a service
that makes the flight arrangements, provides the crate, picks up the puppy and takes
it to the airport. The man we are using takes the puppies up to the airport on
Thursday night, they spend the night so that no puppy is carsick at the time of their
flight, he makes sure that they eat/drink, and he makes sure that they are clean when
they board the plane. His services are part of the transport cost. We only arrange
direct flights  whenever possible. The puppies are only away from us for 3-4 hrs at the
most before they are in your arms. This minimizes the stress on the puppy. The
puppies fly on Friday of each week. We get the flight information back on Monday or
Tuesday of the week the puppy travels. The airlines do not book more than 3 days in

Two puppies from the same litter can fly for the same price as one! If you can find a
friend that also wants a puppy and split the cost of the shipping it cuts the price down
to $1
50 each. We also will discount the price of your puppy a little bit if you find a
buyer for a second puppy.

PERSONAL PICKUP- You are always welcome to come pick up your puppy in person.
We love to meet the people who are giving loving homes to our puppies.

We can have a puppy delivered to the St. Louis Lambert airport for $100. They can be
picked up at the cargo shipping terminal on Thursday evening or Friday morning.

Email with any further shipping questions.
EXAMPLE: Purchase one beagle puppy for $400 and have him flown to you for $300
making your total expense $
700.  Find a friend who also wants a beagle puppy and get
your puppy for $350 while splitting the shipping cost and paying $1
50.00 makes your
total expense $
500.00.  You only get one crate with the two puppies as they travel
together. This makes for a very nice trip for the puppies since they have a littermate
with them the entire time.